The different type of office suit in gray plaid


Welcome to MoV

This brand is shaped for women who demand something different from fashion. MoV means choosing a limited edition, one of a kind designs for women that want to experiment and reshape their everyday fashion style.

We believe in making unique pieces that distinguish the women who wear them. We’re unafraid to create something distinctive and to experiment as much as possible so we fulfill women’s preferences and make them shine from a different point of view.

Sarafan dress with extreme sleeves in cognac or blue
Mini dress in polka dots and extreme sleeves

At MoV, we aim to inspire and to be inspired to be our best selves, every day. That’s why we believe that being unique makes you chic on a daily basis.

We trust that playing dress up every single day and choosing a different way to be go hand in hand.

  • We have limited pieces and some of them are unique.
  • Our collections will help you be one of a kind and stand out in a crowd